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1966 Chrysler color charts

Ever wonder what the color of your 1966 Chrysler is called? You can find the answer here. The color charts on have been scanned from an original "1966 Chrysler Exterior Colors and Interior Trims" book.

Please note that you should not expect an exact match between the scans found on this page and your car's paint job. There are several reasons for this:
- Car paint fades over time. This will depend on its exposure to the sun, dirt, water, salt, how often it was waxed/polished, the lighting conditions when you look at your car (my New Yorker's color "Saddle Bronze" IMHO looks quite beautiful at sunset),....
- Your car's paint is on metal while it's applied on paper in the Color and Upholstery book.
- There are color variations between the original and the scan. I could have tried to calibrate the colors, but since they will look slightly different on every monitor, and in order to save time, I decided against it. Some colors like e.g. Daffodil Yellow and Powder Blue should be easy to identify, others may be harder since the differences are sometimes subtle.

Keeping this in mind, I hope that you will find the color charts helpful.
The following is an overview of available colors for 1966 Chrysler C-Bodies:

Color Charts:

- Color Chart 1
Chart 1 shows the following colors: Spanish Red Metallic, Silver Mist Metallic, Ruby Metallic, Formal Black, Daffodil Yellow, Powder Blue, Ivory, Crystal Blue Metallic.
- Color Chart 2
Chart 2 shows the following colors: Ivory, Regal Blue Metallic, Persian White, Haze Green Metallic, Desert Beige, Sequoia Green Metallic.
- Color Chart 3
Chart 3 shows the following colors: Saddle Bronze, Frost Turquoise Metallic, Spice Gold Metallic, Royal Turquoise Metallic, Moss Gold Metallic, Scorch Red.
- Color Chart 4
Chart 4 shows the following color: Lilac (it looks like grey in the scan. It's a very subtle lilac tone).

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